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Setting Up Your Team

Every Team will create and develop a unique STORY – using an assigned Theme and the Rules of the Game with the multi-universe of The Paradigm Worlds and then produce it!

Building Your Team

  • Team will have 1 or more of each (one person can be more than one) depending upon the project assigned by Project Lead:
    • Writer -with creative mind
    • Editor – with exceptional English skills
    • Social media builder – Influencer
    • Artist – Anime or Comic styles
    • Math guru – willing to learn basic accounting
    • Musicians – will an ear for sound and rhythm
    • Song Writers – with a flare for poetry
    • Praise and Worshippers – who can sing in key
    • Gamer – familiar with game theory
    • History lover – willing to research
    • Bible enthusiast – willing to validate
    • Student Director – a community organizer
    • Admin – with good organization skills
    • Set builders – construction skills
    • Camera man – has eye for perspective and understands vantage points
    • Film crew – ready to stand
    • Others as required

All team members must be citizens of The Paradigm Worlds or willing to become citizen with 30 days of going the team.

Types of Teams

A Team

  • A Team consisted of members of the recommended ages 10 -18
  • A Team must be registered in school with an overall passing grade.
    • Exceptions requires a waiver from Project Lead.
  • The team will be divided by age into 3 groups during preliminary activities
    • 10-13
    • 14-16
    • 17-18
  • During final stages / production, all age groups will be combined.

B Team

The B team has a supporting role, but can participate as a member of Team A, if needed. These team members require a recent back ground check.

  • College Students
  • Young Adults
  • Senior Citizens

C Team

The C Team is the local leadership of the Ministry in partnership with The Paradigm Project. These team members require a recent background check less.

  • Ministry and Church
    • Youth Ministers
    • Adult Ministers

D Team

The D Team are sponsors or authorized contributors to the Project. These team members must always be accompanied by a member of B or C Team.

  • High School Teachers
  • Business Representatives
  • Leaders from other Ministries
  • Sponsor Representative


Guests must always be accompanied by a member of B or C Teams

  • Local Celebrities
  • Civil or Gov Officials
  • Others

Theme(s) of Game:

Plot theme: This is chosen by the Paradigm Project lead using resources established within the Paradigm Worlds Chamber of Knowledge.

Sub-plot: The Goal of protagonist(s) is ‘Getting out of THIS hell‘ – in alignment with a character(s) found within Paradigm Worlds and The Bible. Research information is available within The Paradigm Worlds Chamber of Knowledge.

A Team will be given the task of developing both plot and sub-plots during various activities with the aid of Project lead and other teams.

The Project Lead

A program lead will guide and provide personal direction to lead all teams to accomplish the following:

  • Guide the story building, writing direction and script coaching of A and B Teams (periodic group sessions),
  • Resource guidelines (biblical alignment)
  • Game Theory
  • Art guidance (character and landscape development)
  • Fund raising partnerships
  • Custom Ministry Page highlighting accomplishments on their Paradigm Project Web page (on
  • Launch of Kickstarter campaign (in concert with sponsors)
  • Plan to market, sales, etc.
  • Introduction to children’s book publishers, media association film competitions, etc.

Ministry Partnership

  • Initiates local contests (to promote art activity, etc. to become part of team)
  • Reaches out to local teachers, pastors, college students for volunteering and or sponsorship of supplies, etc.
  • Run programs in appropriate facilities, hold meetings and supervise youth (See B and C Team).

Game / Story Requirements

  • All characters must be rooted in Old or New Testament.
  • At least 1 place and 1 event in story must be rooted in Old or New Testament
  • All mythological and fantasy characters are allows if align to biblical principals – Christ has ability to conquer all skills and ways
  • Plot or Sub-plot must allude to or directly fight against the [same named] Evil Characters.
  • Story must follow the Rules of Entry and exist within one of the multi-universe of The Paradigm Worlds for all Games
  • Understand what Paradigm affects their protagonist(s) as they live within the story and allow them be guided by the mindset of a Paradigm Theologian as it relates the evil and dark rulers within the Rules of the Game – as well as always highlighting the ultimate hero, Christ, Son of God and Man; Highest Lord of Skye and King of All Earth Mann.

Story line must include one or both types of Protagonists:

  • A protagonist enters a Physical Battle: A fight against evil over a BODY (male or female protagonist) that is overcome by seen actions of one or more good characters who has authority over that physical region.
  • The protagonist endures a Spiritual Battle: A love story that is won over the SOUL (of a male or female protagonist) using ‘good’ Spiritual Weapons who learns how to gain authority or is provided a prophet with dominion over the evil weapons.

Production Media types:

  • A Comic book (a primer and/or multiple page set) to be illustrated and put on Reddit, etc.
  • A short skit (comedy or drama, 7 min) to be filmed and posted on social media
  • A theatrical production (30min) for production at local church/civic center
  • A musical production (45 min) for production at local church/civic center
  • A Short film (10 min) to entered into Christian Media Association (CMA) film competition and posted social media
  • A Short Story (to be published on social media or print)
  • A Fairy Tale book (illustrated and published)
  • A Video Game (script from Comic Book) posted on Reddit, social media
  • A ‘Good News’ Show to be posted to social media
  • A Poem turned into a Meme or Music Video
  • A Meme Series (based on Story) to be published on social media
  • A Music Video (based upon a Story) to be published on social media


The goal of each team is to complete their own project by following through with all steps within the program of the Paradigm Project. Once the project is is finished and produced (through 8Gatez – presented to an audience via Social media, publication, theater) – all team members, ministry and project lead will share in any net revenue proceeds of their body of work.

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