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Let the Adventure Begin . . . .

Enter Paradigm Worlds Chamber of Knoweldge (Wiki)

The Paradigm Worlds Chamber of Knoweldge is a wiki page. It is a repository for information gathered from history, mythology, fantasies, languages, science and the Bible using mostly ancient books (Prior to 1940 AD) and various internet sources – entered and then entries are aligned /linked to each other -by the hand of a Paradigm Theologian who followed a different (non secular) narrative !

Join the Paradigm Worlds Chamber of Knoweldge and follow along the vast research trails that lead all knowledge to Christ.

Members, must first be citizens (See Rules of Entry) and all are allowed to contribute knowledge by adding information and addition comments to subject matters, etc.

Do you want to become a Member?

Are ready to become certified a Paradigm Theologian?

For more information about joining, please send your inquiry on Contact Us.


  • What does the blood mean exactly?
  • Who are the Answerers? How can a blood debt be owed or paid?
  • Who is a Son of Perdition or Son of a Viper?
  • Is time travel possible in this age?  Is it sanctioned by the God of Jacob?
  • What is Jacob’s Ladder and where did it go?
  • What treasure is kept secret inside Solomon’s mine for believers?
  • What are the image of  Zues and Diona’s and why did their temples fall after the first century AD?
  • Who is Hades and Poisedon and do shadows of their images still appear today?
  • Who is the King of Ancient Salem (White Magic) and why do some call him Son of Shem?
  • Who is Marduke
  • What is death, where is death or who is death?
  • After Ham, the Son of Noah, was cursed did he become the first Pharoah of Egypt?
  • What causes humanity to repeat the loop failures of its forefathers?
  • What is hell and has anyone managed to escape its superlative gates?
  • What are the 8 Gates?
  • Is there a bridge between the Abyss of space and earth?
  • Can a man or fallen angel travel between worlds of imagination and reality through time?
  • Can a soul travel into another world after death and be re-born on earth in a living host?
  • Can that same soul return with power to bring another soul back to land of the living?
  • What is it like to live as a goddess on earth?
  • What is the cost of the power to live again?
  • What is considered good and lawful in such a universe of duplicity?
  • Do we live in a multi-verse capable of layering, weaving different dimensions of reality at one time upon one Earth, creating a false version of heaven?
  • Who is capable of making sure things remain fair for both the living hosts and the dead; who is the judge

These Answers and more can be found within The Paradigm Worlds Chamber of Knoweldge

“A poet’s voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one of the props, the pillars to help him endure and prevail.”

William C. Faulkner

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