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The Games

What are the Games?

The games involve one or more protagonist who is stuck in the same loop of a living hell on earth – either physically or mentally. The game is how to get out alive!

A word of caution, before you enter this game, you must read the WARNING and abide by the Rules of Entry before writing a game within The Paradigm Worlds.

What are the Paradigm Worlds?

In the Paradigm Worlds, everything is possible within this paradigm of thoughts, some things may appear true, but are not. Not all images you see or read about are good of lawful. Be careful what you think upon, as it may will affect your actions. Remember to take every thought CAPTIVE under the obedience of Christ, before you allow your mind to entertain the contents.

So, how do you learn about the laws and order of living and dead creatures and undead beings that exist within the Paradigm World?

The Paradigm Worlds and Paradigm Worlds Chamber of Knowledge is a place of where information, knowledge and wisdom from difference sources (good and evil) dwells to enlighten the mind, but mostly to provide a bases of learning about the tactics of the diabolical GAME being played within the unseen realm against the race of Man since the beginning of time. Within the structure of these paradigm worlds – are the mysterious ways of hidden entities of the dead and undead upon the Earth -but their strategies, image, words and image are completely under the dominion and strict obedience of Christ’s name, authority and final image.

Here are some basic things to know:

Enter the Paradigm Worlds Chamber of Knowledge to learn more.