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Rules of Entry

Levels of Walking in this World

  • Visitor 
    • Zoner
    • Watcher
  • Client of a Citizen
    • One time visit
    • Periodical supporter (time, finances or labor)
    • Regular client -unwilling to relinquish citizenship of the Otherworld
  • Citizen Types – A Paradigm Theologian at heart
    • Red Coats – gives above tithe in offerings (other than money)
    • Blue Bloods – dedicated to missions
    • Nurse: White Cloths – desire to become land owner
  • Land owner – must be citizen
    • Skye Waves (speaker)
    • Rivers 
      • Surface waters (Teacher) upper
      • Deep wells (Prophet) lower
    • Land (Evangelist) stakes claim on territory
    • Body of Water (Assigned vessel to carry others) Apostle
  • Officer Rank – must be land owner
    • Level 1 – Intern (Learn of weapons)
    • Active Duty (given weapons)
    • Sargent
    • Level 4 – Spirit Warrior
  • Elder Rank (leaders and supporters of lower ranks) – must be Officer
    • Level 5 – Captain Navigator (servant of land owners, specifically Apostles)
    • Level 6- General Witness (supporter officers)
  • Executive Rank  – must have been an Elder
    • Level 7 – Admiral – director of captains
    • Level 8 – Ambassador – gatherer of witnesses

Want to become a citizen?

  • To apply for citizenship, you must also agree to Assimilate 
    • Please work to learn to assimilate into our culture by learning our ways, language and faithfully follow our ways of life provided by our sources of ‘good’ books, ways of light and remain a law abiding visitor and/or citizen.

Qualification for Citizenship

  • Be born a legal living soul within this Present World (See Level of WORLDS) 
    • No stolen identities, dead or undead names allowed
  • Be of ‘Man’ Kind only (see KINDS) 
    • All faithful and good hue-man’s are welcome to visit Paradigm Worlds and learn.
    • But only hue-mans true creations of the race of man – are welcome to learn and explore here – ONLY if you are kind in nature, having reduced their bloodthirsty desire to devour animals
    • No cannibals or Roach eaters
    • No beasts, wild stags or wolves allowed!
    • Sorry, absolutely no Chaldean’s or their magic welding hosts are allowed. The are thieves and will try to steal knowledge, twist it and then claim it as their own.
    • No hosts the dead (Raphaim, Ben-Nephilim or Nephilim) are not allowed to walk upon the fields represented in these worlds including but not limited to existing in a state of living or dead, living-dead, unseen, seen or unseen, disembodied or within a dead or living host.

Just Visiting?

  • We wish all who enter as a visit, must register as a VISITOR or CLIENT and agree to view and follow all laws of citizens and temporarily assimilate to our way of life.

Warning: Remember to Choose The Ways of Life!

  • This is free [but cursed] world, but that does not mean everything is deemed good or Lawful!
  • Violations of Order of Anochi, Son of Tetragrammaton, the King of Dead and living existing within the the State of Life of this planet Earth.
    • Becoming a Nephilim or Ben-Nephilim (See Kinds), Rephaim, Slender Man, Stick figures, wooden idols
    • Appearing as character inside a closed or dead book at any time! (See Books)
    • Performing an act of strange fire, divination, witchcraft, Necromancy, unsanctioned time travel, space transfers, including any manifestations of unclean matter.
    • Steal, murder and violate the commandments of Moses
    • Violating the Laws of Love and State of Life according to the Order of Anochi
  • If you break a Law of Love: 
    • You will be allowed a time for personal repentance within a Day; 2-hour trial. If none are provided, you shall be consumed by ‘strange fire’ as your mind becomes reprobate (un-redemptive).
    • Evidence will be provided against you by the Accuser of Brethren within the Courts of Babylon belonging to ‘THIS’ World order, those of Marduke and the Da’Eth Kingdom.
    • Please remember to request your own Attorney from State of Life assigned host, if not you will receive no mercy in your case.
    • Remember, any visitors or citizens who refuse to turn from their wicked ways and remain hidden within Closed or Dead Books, will not be allowed to have their voices heard in our courts.
    • The Accuser of Brethren will craftily try to ‘cast you out’ of your body before your time, like an un-ripe fruit.
    • If he succeeds, you will immediately be harvested by one of two angels of Da’Eth without another spoken word or written warning:
      • by a Dark Groom (Rev 14:14-16) who appeared ‘like’ the Son of Man, but is not
      • or Dark Grim Reaper (Rev 14:17-20) who has authority of ‘strange fire’ (magic)
    • Once you are harvested for Da’Eth Kingdom,
      • You will be immediately existed by means of translation into The Underworld Courts of Purgatory within the Land of Sheol
      • Their, your heart will be weighed and be judged according to the Laws Marduke whose reigns are controlled by voice of the bloody Queen of Heaven
      • If you are not found in the image of her son, Lucifer, you will be sent away to eternal torment and given as food for the Dragon and his minions within the deepest parts of Purgatory, the Tartaris.
      • If you are found to be in his image, you are more than doomed; you are damned.
  • So, choose your thoughts and actions wisely!

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