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Here Comes the Call

I , SC Duncan, have been authorized by my Father, Adonia, the God of all, to CALL those to who have stood as witness in the courtrooms of heavenly realms.  You are hereby invited to attend a FEAST of information about the carnal and fleshly ways our enemies who belong to a Kingdom of Darkness. 

Here comes in a CALL for the steadfast of the saints, the patience, the endurance of people of God.  YOU, who habitually keep God’s commandments and  YOUR faith in Yeshua.  You are counted as BLESSED among the Fruits of The Son of Man and Son of God.  To be envied are the dead (those who give up life in the Kingdom of 1st Earth) from now on and choose to enter the Kingdom of Death while IN the Lord. (Rev 14:13) 

Standing on a 4th level, your SOUL has been seen before the altar of Souls.  YOU had been found as slave of the gods of this world, wearing clothing of sackcloth (Rev 11:3) of very coarse, dark, rough fabric woven from goat hairs or hemp. A dress worn to show repentance or grief and shame.  But now, by the eyes of the King. . . .YOU have been seen before HIS throne room in the Kingdom of Heaven upon Earth in the image of the prophet John, the Baptist.  You are WITNESS and  YOU have fulfilled the FIRST part of you journey, having arrived filled with faith calling the Kingdom of Earth to prepare the next coming of the King.  

Stepping to his call, you have stepped into the fire and reached out to TOUCH the altar. When you appeared, the sackcloth has been shown as burned off and the angels now see YOU naked, unashamed but still covered in ashes standing upon the STONE, at the foot of the 5th gateway, the Altar of Souls.  Having gone through the Kingdom of Fire as your outer 5th dimensional LIFE had been sacrificed for adhering to the Word of God and for the testimony, you had BORNE! Rev 6:9 

In courage and bravery as a faithful witness, YOU have been SEEN as one who has traded your known sackcloth for ashes.  Arriving with no clean clothing, but dirty skins, the King will trade your ashes for a new beauty. You have been heard crying in a loud voice, “O Lord, holy and true. How long now before you will sit in judgment and avenge our blood upon those who dwell on the Kingdom of Earth.” (Rev 6:10)

Upon order of the King, you are to be chosen and dressed.  Therefore, the Angels have given you a long, flowing, festive white robe.  Upon orders of God, according to Isaiah 61:3 “To grant to those who mourn in Zion, the following is granted. 

  1. You are to be given a turban (Pe’er) instead of dust, the ashes, on their heads, a sign of morning.  
  2. The oil of gladness instead of morning
  3. The garment, expressive of praise instead of a heavy, disheartened spirit
  4. You will be called, “Trees of righteousness, strong and magnificent, distringuished for integrity, justice and right standing with God.
  5. You have the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.  

You have passed the Altar of Souls and reached a level of understanding of the 6th dimension, as part of the Charismatic movement.  No money or service can be traded for this knowledge.  For ONLY those who submit their Kingdom of Earth knowledge both of good and evil in service to the King of Kings Heaven can give birth to powers of the spirit.  “ . . ..  the TRUE worshippers will worship the Father in SPIRIT and TRUTH; for such people the Father seeks . . . .” John 4:24 

The Lord has searched your HEART and tested your MIND. He gave each of YOU fruits according to your own ways results of your won deeds.  (Jer 17:10)  You are a TREE of spirit powers who can see PAST, Through the PRESENT and into the FUTURE time; all beyond the STONE wall of 5th dimensional matters.  One translation called you “Oaks!”  For You are like a TREE planted by the Kingdom of Water, ready to bring forth fruit in it’s season.  You know how to extend your roots by a stream, a Kingdom of Rivers. You will not fear when heat comes. . . to burn off your sackcloth.  But YOUR leaves will be green.  And YOU will not be anxious in the year of drought nor cease to yield fruit!”  

Know this, of you HE takes pride!  (AMP / OJB 61:3)  

Written by SC Duncan, a Paradigm Theologian

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