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The Characters

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The Protagonist(s)

The Prophets


The Lamb’s Wife

The 8th Day King

Holy Spirit


Evil Entities and Wicked Images

Dark Groom (Rev 14:14-16)

Dark Grim (Rev 14:17-20)

Accuser or Brethren

What is Da’Eth?

Da’Eth is an etheral Kingdom of mystical living creatures belonging to the Draco Constellation that came into the seen realm of Earth during the time of Noah.

Ethereal creatures exist as nebulas; seen 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D images created by gases and seen within the waters (mist) of air.

Who is Marduke?

Marduke is a Sumerian god was born of the planet Sirius A. He is also known as Nibiru, Re and Zues. His name is also translated as ‘Sin’.

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