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Escaping the Loop

Not long after humans enter earth in The-World-That-Was-Again, an ancient force from another world invades, striking hard and fast.  Where humans were once able to pass freely back and forth into other realms through the mystical 8 gates on earth, they have been blocked by the ancients and the path to all destiny is closed. The humans are quickly enslaved and become hosts to the ancient forces who can only manifest through a host body.  Its clans take up residence, claiming the planet and its people as their possession. Their hold is secured by their tight control of the 8 gates.

In this world nothing is impossible; however not everything is good or lawful.  Because of their long rule, the clans know the laws of earth better than any human.  They revel in this, boast of their superiority to and abuse their human hosts.  And yet some humans are able to escape.  This maddens the entities and singularly unites them in their quest to enslave each generation.  If they cannot enslave them, they try to destroy them.  Similar to the proclivities of the Greek and Roman gods, however, they are rarely united about anything else.  Bloodcurdling battles, dragon fights and power plays occur so often that they sometimes forget to exact revenge on humans and take it out on each other.

It reveals a weakness that the entities would never admit: their forces are fractured.  However they still hold the gates and are stronger than humans. No one has been able to conquer them, though many have tried.  It seems a hopeless situation. Humankind also has another mark against them. Their bloodline, which was once pure, has been tainted.  Much like the path of disease through a family line, this bloodline causes each family to follow the same path of their ancestors, which enslaves them in dysfunctional loops which they live over and over.  Once in this loop they are powerless to overcome their captors.

Now, in The-World-That-Is-Now, a prophecy has gone forth that states that a human from a pure bloodline will come to earth. He will have the power to conquer these forces and thus release humanity from its curse.  The forces present their own prince to deceive humans and many do follow, but it is a false hope.  The only way to be free is for humans to find the secret knowledge that will unlock the 8 gates that control their destiny. Rationality will never suffice.  It’s only by suspending belief in reality that a human can ever begin the journey through the gates to get out before his time on earth ends.

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