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The 8 Gates

Hurry! You must escape through the 8 Gates

before the end of YOUR time on THIS Earth and

before the end of all times!

  1. SEE the Light of God’s Love calling you to Him through your EYES
  2. HEAR the Words of Faith -that carry that Light with your EARS
  3. SPEAK the Faith with the power of your own TONGUE (that welds the power of life and death)
  4. BREATH into your LUNGS, the LIFE of Faith (Of The Lamb)
  5. Receive the Seed of Spirit Light into your HEART and let it be planted and allowed to grow a new SOUL that can step into a new dimension of mind, will and emotions – a SOUL that is not subject to the Laws of THIS World, but of the The-World-To-Come.
  6. Then STEP upon the Rock of Salvation of LIFE with your FEET (Gate of Peace)
  7. Receive the new DNA – provided by the blood of the Lamb as a new creature in Christ and step into a new dimension of Life on Earth. (Gate of Mercy)
  8. Then take the KEY of the Dominion of THIS Earth with your HANDS, as the Bride; a Daughter of Mann and God. (Gate of Grace)

If you do NOT escape, you are doomed!

Make sure you get through the 8 Gates before your die!

  1. You must follow the SPIRIT OF 8th Day King to find the ONLY way for your SOUL to get OUT of the cursed lower dimensions of THIS world before you die!
  1. Other wise, your SOUL will remain tied by the sin principal of your ‘worm’ DNA that exists in your cursed bones from being born within the lower light of dimension of THIS world. You will be doomed to remain attached to your decayed body, buried, and trapped in the grave of this earth!
  1. Then, at harvest time, Dark Grim or Dark Groom will cast your out of your body and drag your soul to the Courts within the Worlds of Not
  2. There, in Purgatory, you will be judged by the dead kings, dark lords and evil deities of fallen angel powers that will desire to only enslave you, hunt you down or send you out to be devoured by the Great Dragon as food – for eternity!

This is NOT a game! This is biblical!

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