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The Paradigm Worlds

THAT World

  1. The World That Was Not
  2. The World That Was Gone
  3. The World That Was Then

THIS World

A fallen angel is the dead god of THIS-World

  1. This World of The Ancients
  2. This World of The Past
  3. This World That Now Is

THE Worlds To Come

Tetragrammaton is the living God of The-World-To-Come

  1. The World that Is to Come
    • Tetragrammaton is the living God
  2. The World that is [to Come to] Not
    • No god exists; only a flesh eating, fire breathing Great Dragon, devouring monsters, gruesome beasts, mangled flesh and dead man’s bones

World That Is NOT

  • The Other World
    • Any place of residence (a body owned possessed) by a dead spirit belonging to any world ‘other’ than This-World-That-Now-Is. This ‘other world’ mindset has taken captive the SOUL (mind, will and emotions) who is unable to accept the Rules of Entry causing them to remain in an alternate reality because they choose to remain under the curse of the Laws of Marduke and Lilith; also known as a sinner.
  • The Underworld (Sheol) Realm of the Dead
    • Fiery Core of THIS [cursed] Earth
    • Purgatory (Upper Hell)
    • Prison for Sins of [Camel] Leopard
    • Labyrinth (Dragon hunting grounds)
  • The Netherworld Realm of the Un-Dead (Dark Skye)
    • Land of Etheral Beasts, Nebula Fairies, Ghosts, demons

The First Born Dynamic

  1. The first born of the World-That-Was-Not was erased from history and void of form (Gen 1:2)
  2. The first born of the World-That-Was-Gone belonging to the 1D Sons of Elohim (god) became extinct during the flood of Noah and did not pass into the new color age, represented by the Rainbow.
  3. The first born of Ram-of-Sea in the World-That-Was-Thenof the dead were 2D and could be captured and preserved within wall carvings as seen on tombs of Egypt died during the Plagues of Moses and shortly thereafter their offspring became extinct.
  4. The first born of 3D Chaldeans of Ur born in This-World-Of-Ancients became extinct around 589BC when the Ark of Covenant was stolen from King Solomon’s Temple. This race ascended to the rank of 4D angel, a higher realm of being (as Olympians) during this time, as their king obtained the crown of god-of-this-world by obtaining the Golden Fleece and conquering Mt Olympus.
  5. The first born of 3-headed-beast (Egyptian, Greek and Roman Image) of the dead born in This-World-of-The-Past who were the 5D tangible, half-human half animal beasts born in the Isle of Hebrides ( such as mermaids, Minotaurs, Centaurs, Harpies, etc.) became extinct in 1 AD.
  6. The first born of This-World-That-Is-Now are divided into 2 groups: Sheep and Goats

THE LAMBS (Sheep Nation)

The first born of the Sons of God and Man (also known as The Bride or The Lamb’s Wife) will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye to ascend to a higher 6D image within the clouds of this earth’s atmosphere through the 8 Gates

The Bride will enter The-World-That-Is-To-Come

  • It is important to note that due to the ascension of Christ in 1 AD, the laws of Earth nature changed. This led directly to the extinction of the first born of that age, making it illegal for the dead (etheral 4D creatures, unseen, ghosts also known as se’irim or demons) to enter the Land of the Living again – as their blood debt has not been paid. One exception is a wicked practice, a loop spell called ‘The Answerer’ (see info within the Chamber of Knowledge)

THE GOATS (Pan-Nations)

These first born of The-World-That-is-Now (of the 7 headed beast with 10 crowns and full of blasphemes against Tetragrammaton) also known as carnal or reprobate minded Hue-Mans – will be transported by strange-fire (magic) into the depths of hell, the realm of the dead; the underworld which is Sheol to be judged by the Accuser of the Brethren.

The Ending

Once the dead are judged, the The-World-That-Is-Now will come to NOT, thus it will be so named The-World-That-Is-Not‘ and all hue-mans will be extinct from the surface of the land of the living – they will not be allowed to return to life again and pass into The-World-That-Is-To-Come – this is reserved only for The Bride.

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