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What is a Paradigm Theologian?

If we live ‘in” Christ, we will live in a different paradigm

  1. A Paradigm Theologian believes in the Paradigm and allows for multi-universes with endless dimensions, seen and unseen realms, tangible and spiritual worlds all created by one God, “The Tetragrammaton” – the hidden name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (According the Chronoligical Gospels by Micheal Rood)  Tetragrammaton divided good and evil BEFORE the beginning of time as first recorded in Genesis; creating a World-That-Was . . . out of the void of complete darkness.
  2.  Paradigm Theologian always maintains the overarching idea that God is real and good.  God has already delivered a good message to the world for a pathway for man to travel after physical death.
  3. A Paradigm Theologian believes that all books have been opened in heavenly realm and are available for digestion as long as accompanied by a good and approved spiritual interpreter of the unseen forces of good and evil
  4. A Paradigm Theologian believes that the 8th Day King “I Am” (‘Anochi’ in Greek) is an accurate representation of Jesus Christ the Jewish Messiah who has fullfilled the order of the image of the living God, priest, king and judge of both living and dead in the past, present and future of the most holy order. That same providential order was put in place after the order of ancient King of Salem, Melchizedek whose name means “Zedek is my king”  expired.
  5. A Paradigm Theologian grants the ability to research and construct new thoughts and theories about what he/she can prove through written history, providential theory or anthropology evidence about Christ – but also gives heed to being wrong.  Therefore, we adapt and move on in our faith being more strengthened in a common unshakable belief in the providence of Christ’s way of salvation made for all mankind through his blood shed on the Cross for every flesh born to Sin bound by the State of The Dead, cancelling out the curse(s) that came with the Law of Marduke and Da’Eth – See Characters
  6. A Paradigm Theologian must be an Elder rank or higher.

NOTE: Only Paradigm Theologians are allowed to be Project Leads.

To become a Paradigm Theologian , please inquire on Contact us.

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