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What is a Paradigm?

What is a Paradigm?

The definition of Paradigm  . . . .is a distinct set of CONCEPTS or thought PATTERNS, including THEORIES, research METHODS, postulates, and STANDARDS for what constitutes a legitimate (legal) contribution to a FIELD.”

Paradigm comes from the Greek “Paradeigma” meaning “pattern, example, sample” from the verb “Exhibit, represent, expose” 

  • The word “Para” most westerner’s think of para-normal referring to the definition of para to mean “beyond” 
  • Some translations refer to “para EL” which forms word “Parallel” meaning 
    • Noun: A latitude (An imaginary line around the earth)
    • Adjective: One set of parallel geometric figures that never meet or ‘see’ each other face to face 
    • Verb: A twin, duplicate; a phrase is curiously listed ( “A polished surface twinned his face and chest in reverse.”  Sounds like a mirror to me.
  • Other definitions site ‘para’ as  “the number of live born children a woman has delivered. A bi-para woman has given birth to two children” Some Turkish, Albanian, Romanian, Greek translations refer to ‘para’ as money.
  • NOTE: In Chaldean numerology para is 3; in Pythagorean numerology para = 9.

How can so many meanings be attached to one simple four letter word?  What does it all mean?  Can it be pointing to something beyond our current western thinking?

Breaking down the word ‘Paradeigm”

  • The word “Para’ means “beyond”.
  • The word “Deigma” means “to show or point out.”
  • In rhetoric, Paradigm is also known as a TYPE of proof.

What is a Field?

When I think of a field, I immediately envision a plain of land covered in grass.  What is grass? According to allegorical interpretations – grass represents

‘Flesh’  “For all flesh (mankind) is like grass, and all its glory (honor) like [the] flower of grass. The grass withers and the flower drops off.” 1 Peter 1:24

“I, even I, am He Who comforts you. Who are you, that you should be afraid of man, who shall die, and of a son of man, who shall be made [as destructible] as grass  Isaiah 51:12

The Paradigm Shift of Flesh (Fields) Forms

“Now the serpent was more crafty (subtle skilled in WAYS of deceit) than any living creature of the FIELD.” Gen 3:1  

What if –

Satan arrived out of a field (a kind of ‘alien’ flesh) of a defeated king – appearing in ‘the seen’ realm of mankind flesh.

What if –

That age old-serpent, the dragon had knowledge of a world that existed beyond the current seen knowledge of good.  He brought a sample of something para, a type of proof of something real belonging to a world of “evil” alien world.  The serpent was a master of his craft, a sorcerer and master over SIN living in the FIELD.  The fruit of death had approval to exist, but it was NOT approved by God to be eaten.  The fruit of HIS field was given to Adam and Eve in the form of an apple cut from it’s vine, a dead fruit.

What if – This caused a Paradigm shift of time that negatively changed the course of history for all mankind.  Man became cursed with knowledge of para-normal, an open gateway that led into Hades, the place of the dead to enter into the Kingdom of Earth.  Now man could not hear God, but only the voice from the Grave who told them to only expect to enter Death with an evil ending.   “. . . behold an ashen, pale and gray horse like a corpse, representing death and pestilence.  And it’s rider’s name was DEATH and HADES, the realm of the dead, we following him.” Rev 6:8

But, what if – then another paradigm shifted occurred.  What if  man was given another chance to start again.  In another para’el where  – Time started again.  Life started again and now man could be led into Death with a good ending! 

Hebrews 9:27 “And just as it is appointed and destined for ALL men to die once and after this comes certain judgment” . . . inside the realm of the dead, as Hades follows. 

But, what if – another para-el; an invisible line was drawn to open another parallel earth: 

But, when the SAMPLE of proof was brought from the home world (now alien to humans)  . . . .This new paradigm shift was then offered to man kind for consumption, in the same method, reason of the first paradigm. 

Yet, when it arrived in the form of a fruit of God’s garden, most refused to eat it . . .  because it was not of the field. It was not living dead like an apple taken off a tree, cut from the vine given to man.  The apple had a temporary life source that had a time limit before it fell into decay.  No, this fruit was still alive when God asked humans to eat it.  It was still on the vine of the Tree of Life.  It was a living breathing lamb!

Once a man eats of this lamb, he is considered “born again”. Now, his life pattern is reset based on the order of Christ and the new covenant.  Christ now the new path; the prescribed course of life that can live in two worlds at one time – outside of the natural time continuum of this world.

See The Blood

A More Creative Way of Explaining The Paradigm Shift of Fields

Now the serpent was more crafty (subtle skilled in WAYS of deceit) than any living creature of the FIELD which God had made.” Gen 3:1  

The dragon was a master of his craft, a sorcerer and master over Marduke (whose name means ‘Sin’), the living Dog-Stare, who also living in the FIELD with the Race of Man. 

Now, for reason unknown, the fruit of Kingdom Da’Eth had approval to be seen upon the earth; exist -but it was NOT legal for it to be eaten by the Race of man, only observed.  This fruit was reserved for only the dog and dragon-kind to devour. But, there was a failure to follow the Laws of Marduke.

The fruit of Marduke’s field was somehow given to King of Man’s wife, Isha in the form of an apple. It was illegal cut from it’s vine, and therefore ending the life of it make it a dying fruit with a temporal life. The fruits mother, the green dragon Lilith, was furious and she cursed the Man. “Before the end of this Day, the flesh of this fruit would decay and die.”

This curse became part of man’s temporal nature, unable to live apart from the vine, just like the fruit they consumed. It’s cursed nature was transferred to any flesh who so merged with it by devouring it, become a one flesh with it, altering their DNA.

This act of devouring the flesh of Marduke and Lilith by the King of Man and his wife was regarded murder according to Lilith. She refused to forgive the Race of Man for killing her first born fruit and vowed revenge. Under the cover of night, she and Marduke declared their judgement of condemnation to a lower being as they stole the race of man to enslaved them.

This ‘illegal marriage’ of temporal life with living Man caused a Paradigm shift of time. It irreversibly and negatively changed the course of history for the Race of Man.  Man became cursed and their minds were now open to the knowledge of para-normal, an open gateway that led into Hades, the place of the dead to enter into the Kingdom of Pangea Earth. 

Man’s flesh became captive to a lessor light a hue as they descending into a lower dimension, giving birth to a new bred of men, the hue-man race was born. Arriving out of the clouds, Marduke took command of the Earth along with his Bride, Lilith and established their reign of 1000 years of Etheral Creatures, known as the Day of Eth or Death.

Now subject to Marduke (Sin) and Lilith (Da’Eth), this new hue-man could not hear their creator, Adonia, but only the voice from the Grave who set a new course for hue-man’s locking them into a pathway that only leads to entering the realm of the dead at the end of time – an evil ending for all with no mercy.   “. . . behold an ashen, pale and gray horse like a corpse, representing death and pestilence.  And it’s rider’s name was DEATH and HADES, the realm of the dead, we following him.” Rev 6:8

But, after many ages, finally another paradigm shifted occurred, the alien 8th day king Anochi arrived.  He dethroned King Marduke and his henchmen and defeated the Daeth Queen of Babylon herself, Lilith – giving mankind another chance to start again.  Time started again. 

The works of Anochi over ruled the laws of mankind that demand all hue-man’s enter the death realm and then remain as part of the punishment first given to the fallen angels, “…  it is appointed and destined for ALL men to die once and after this comes certain judgment” . . . inside the realm of the dead, as Hades follows. 

Life started again and now hue-mans forced to enter the realm of the dead, could escape before the end of time and have good ending!

But, when the SAMPLE of proof of a living man, the Anochi – was brought from an alien world . . . .A new paradigm shift was then offered to hue-mans for consumption, in the same method, reason of the first paradigm.  This changed their DNA back to the original race of man, before eating of the fruit. The race of New-Man was born.

If we live ‘in” Christ, we will live in a different paradigm

What is This-World-That-Is?

This concept of The Paradigm World all started with a question, “What is THIS Present world of which I live?”

This question begged another, “Is THIS world all there is? Is that a World that Was before or a world to come?”

The more I looked for answers, the more I encounter those of the reprobate mind, those who have given themself over to ‘strange fire’ of magic, those who have chosen the ways of white magic. These belong to the Dragon, who I have since discovers does rule over many in THIS present world, just as he did in days past in the time of the days of Noah.

I have done my best to research the parts of the past, present and future ages and have logged my findings in the Paradigm Worlds Chamber of Knowledge. (See link on home page ‘Let the Adventure Begin’)

Dragons don’t like anyone to reveal their true beginnings as thieves who stole the world from the original race of man. They captured and then corrupted their flesh so they could steal their knowledge and keep the ignorant of a way of escape then they re-named them all “hue-man”.

I have discovered and read many legends and historical records that surround the characters displayed in this world, hidden and seen within all ages.   I found some oral renditions remain in ancient Coptic or translated Aramaic and Greek, some Hebrew.  Few writings were about events that occurred before time began; some during the alien invasion of Pangea, some after the Rebellion of the hue-man’s, some written accounts actually records events during and after the ruling King Hue-man escaped on a self-made rudimentary space ship to Atlas. But, the most of my findings are from recorded testimonies and various legends about aliens and hue-man’s living in the present day world, the post war world of Atlas.

My resources were limited to paper, some were delivered by wolves, frustrated with hunters, some landed upon my porch by carrier pigeons, some I heard via television portals, the majority of images came from streams of data sent by electronic portal screens within my secret library, which I often call my cave.

During my search for the ‘hidden’ truths, I often had to refer to forbidden text risking the possible infection of my mind to the powers of hidden evil it might contain.  I had to remember to guard my mind and heart against the enemy’s devices as those wondering dead spirits of those Chaldeans slaves can be tricky, the Egyptians gods left a few books and the Babylonians kings had only recorded their view of history, which was often a twisting of truths.

Sometimes I found a few clever Chaldeans, appearing as slender, boneless dark mindless spirits, hiding between the cover of haunted books after I brought the book or artifact of interest into my house. I was very aware of curses that could some upon me because of my quest as I often thought about the curse of King Tut’s tomb in 1922 and the untimely and almost immediate death of the eight men out of 58 who were present when the explorer Carter dared to opened it. Carter did not believe in the curse and lived 11 more years.

I tried the best I could to cleanse all things before I added them to my library. I admit, there were a few times, I forgot.  But, after days of dealing with evil forebodings and cursed occurrences, I remembered again to command any evil entities to leave my collection and oil my doorways with the power of Anochi’s blood.

There was one seemingly harmless artifact I feel it worth noting here. I bought it from a garage sale from a rather strange woman who had a tiny bird sitting upon her shoulder continually speaking to it.

When I brought the article home, I found it that could not be cleansed by normal means. It was a bust of an American Indian and something told me that even after I performed the cleansing ritual, this item had been deeply entrenched in some type of occult practice involving a blood sacrifice of some kind, mostly likely hue-man. After it was in the house a few days, I could sense something was wrong and knew this item must be disposed of immediately. From my studies, I have learned how to properly dispose of items depending upon the spirit seen within.  In this case, it was safe to simply lay outside the house for the trash man to crush with his truck the next morning, although some require burning, if they can be consumed. Some must be crushed or jointly disposed by more than one spirit warrior.

Writing about Paradigm worlds and tying their stories together as well as similar and familar images has cost me a lot. Many of my friends have view my work as fruitless and I have heard their gossip.  One publicly accused me of being in an ‘occult’, after one privately told my husband, not me – that I was most likely a witch and therefore the cause of our marital spats because I refused to remove all unapproved books and artifacts into our home – all woman are friends I met within the church.   My guess is all those judging me were all to scared to attempt such a task – or do I say – had the mind appointed to complete it. which proves my findings over all the Paradigm worlds I have uncovered – it’s easier to fear and judge evil that which is not understood.  Not one chose to opening challenge their assumed knowledge of my works in person so I could provide an explanation – cowards.  All backlash because I dared to explore historical books of legends and myths their religious minds convinced them contained nothing of value to the present day.  Well, I have news for them – I think I have found the missing link to the problem with this present world – a lack of knowledge! Strange – where have I heard that saying before?

So many remain ignorant of things just under the surface of most literature.  There is lots of evidence, twisted accounts of the same story and images with same face but using different names throughout the ages. All of it points to specific knowledge purposefully hidden from our grasp by an unseen and god like power, and I fear parallels the same one global government that is currently creeping into our societies.

All of mankind seems to recognized that History repeats, yet they don’t pay attention to the curses that cause the same types of conqueror to rise and good kingdoms to fall. I have discovered many stories of hue-man’s who have become ignorantly hosts, temples of flesh possess by dead spirits, Chaldeans, Egyptian dead gods or Babylonian Rulers of the past ages who have returned from the grave to infect bodies and destroy any trace of mankind from present day earth.

How have they done it?  Why do they insist upon re-writing our history?

The answer is simple – the game of the enemy always repeats every 500 years.  To remain ahead of the game, they must keep mankind ignorant of their past.

There is a clever dead god, the son of Apollo, Abaddon, the Appollyon and King of the Abyss, who still lives in the 5th dimension, still. Not sure how, but this bastard is immortal spirit has been able to retain a hue-man host throughout the ages. His historical image as similar traits represented by a very fat belly pale skinned Celtic-Saxon appearing man, with bulging blue eyes, a round face and lots of baggy skin under his eyes.

After Abaddon’s father was killed in the rebellion of Noe, Abaddon took his reign and set up the Kingdom of the Abyss and named himself the King over the realm of the living-dead, those living hosts possessed by dead wondering spirits of the Chaldean Son’s of Perdition or lost souls of the Egyptian Daughter of Hue-mans and Sons of Vipers – also called Nephilim.

Since that time, Abaddon has been living in the World of Atlas, continually crossing back and forth through time and space into this present age of Gaia – using the stolen platform Machpelah and the object of Jacob’s Pillow – to re-named for his purposes – the Field of Gehenna.

The portal doorway / bridge – the field of Gehenna is a circular field where doorways are created using stone from  ancient cursed graves sites – it creates bridges between two worlds that can the gap between the world of the dead and living using magic.  The most famous being, England’s Stone Hedge.

There a faction of SEVEN day kings ; five kings, including Abaddon and his Four Celestial Princes and Two Queen – goddess who have been working plans and schemes to drag ignorant souls in to Gehenna while alive and then back to the Field of Pegasus after they die – and forever stuck in the Sheol, the realm of the dead. The key to their schemes is one re-occurring host who carries the sinister Son of Goddess born of the womb of the Hue-man –  named Lucifer, the 8th NIGHT king who is part of the original seven.

Lucifer often pretends to be Anochi, appearing as the real 8th DAY king walking on the clouds above all the hue-mans. But, Lucifer is the dark groom who comes in the night to reap the harvest off the Earth’s crops; from the wheat found growing by light of worship of sun, moon and stars. He looks for the  woman found searching for his image as the Son of God – in the field of Gehenna.  Feeling justified in catching the body and face matching the ‘other woman’, Lucifer’s mother Lilith demands the head of the viper woman be cut off and given to her ex-husband Marduke as a gift – in revenge for his infidelity – which is served on a dish best cold. As a puppet on earth, the host of Lucifer’s spirit is forced to comply, causing a chain of events that occur again and again. The most prominent example in recent times is the story of Queen Mary of Scot, born in 1542 AD.

No one seems to know these 7 kings exist or that they all enjoy playing game of hunting hue-mans for sport and personal rewards paid only received by hosts once they enter Field of Pegesus, in the realm of dead.  But, it’s all true!  Yet, no one believed me!

I had a deep desire inside of me to help reveal his wicked ways and stop the carnage of lost souls being dragged into hell.   A few years ago, I was visited by King Anochi. He handed me as scroll saying, 

Your stories are correct as testified the cloud of witnesses and approved by the Father, Adonia, God of the Kingdom of Zayon. Therefore, I have commissioned you to keep looking and asking. Do not stop and let no one tell you I did not send you. Keep knocking on doors until you find the answers your people need to stop this mad man, Abaddon and his evil cronies! Tell them, I sent you and save them in my name!”

SC Duncan

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